About SCV

SCV is Tamil Nadu’s leading MSO and a pioneer in cable technology in India, revolutionising the industry time and again by being the first-movers of the latest technology and best practices. With over 2 decades of presence in South India, SCV has grown to be one of the most trusted brand names in the Indian Cable Television market. Our strong infrastructure and last-mile resource delivery ensures that customers enjoy an interruption-free TV watching experience at all times. Our state of the art control room and team of experienced technical staff, ensure that we are always miles ahead of the competition and constantly innovating new breakthroughs in cable technology. SCV is driven by an experienced management team with a diverse knowledge base and a passion for innovation.

With over 300 SD channels and 90+ HD channels, SCV offers the highest number of Channels on cable TV! SCV set top boxes are made with high quality chipsets exclusively manufactured for SCV that deliver stunning picture quality and great surround sound audio! Enjoy cinema quality surround sound in your own home! Our set top boxes have the latest features like HDMI output, USB recording, Pause play Live TV, multiple language options and a unique learning remote that can control both your TV and your STB! You don’t have to worry about adverse weather conditions and disturbances affecting your signal ever again if you’re wired in on the SCV digital network. Enjoy great clarity around the clock through the year with cable TV!

Get a New SCV Connection

SCV Standard Definition
Set top Box
  • Digital service, Stereo Sound, Crystal Clear Picture.
  • Maximum channels.
  • USB recording.
  • Program Guide.
  • Parental Lock.
SCV High Definition
Set top Box
  • First Cable Company to provide
    High definition set top Boxes
  • Digital service, Stereo Sound, HD Picture
  • USB recording
  • Pause/Play Live TV
  • 90+ HD channels, 300+ SD channels